Enhanced Electronics Design


Integrated programmable Thermal Printer.


RFID based fuelling authorization.

informative display
Informative Display:

20X4 Graphical display.

Chrome plated keypad
Chrome plated keypad:

6x4 Industrial Grade Chrome die-cast zinc.

embedded system
Embedded System

with Data Storage, Wi-fi communication and much more.

Emergency Switch

Dedicated Emergency Switch.


AES-256 Encrypted Tamperproof design with Family integrity.

Enhanced Mechanical Design

Fuel Canopy

Aesthetic look along with full size Canopy with our without Hose reel installation.

six degree

6 degrees Tilted Display View for better customer visibility.

dual tone

First in class, Duel Tone Fuel dispenser.

Fuel nozzle

Projected nozzle boot for easy operation and reduce nozzle marks on the unit.

indigenous design

Czar indigenously designed high performance maintenance free PD Flow meter.

hose management

Maintenance free Hose management system.

Technical Specifications:

Operational Features
  • Unlimited transaction data.
  • On board temperature Sensor for alert of abnormal rise in temperature for safety.
  • Dispenser’s ERA is provided with intelligence ATC functionality as an optional to deliver the fuel accurately conforms to ASTM.
  • Electronic totalizer available along with optional Electro-mechanical totalizer.(O).
  • Industrial Grade Electronic components deliver world class performance for years to cherish without failures.
  • Ultra-durable Solid-state relay vis-à-vis mechanical relay.
  • Integrated electronics section, conduit cable routing for better serviceability.
  • HTN or PMVA displays to show
    • 7 Digits, Amount.
    • 6-digits, Volume.
    • 5-digits Unit rate.
    • 4-digits to show Flowrate/Clock/Fuel Temperature.
  • 20x4 informative LCD to show fill progress, Totalizer Amount/Volume, Electronic Temp, etc.
  • 24VDC dual flow Solenoid Valve for better reliability.
Communication Interfaces
  • CZAR proprietary up to AES-256 RS-485 communication protocol.
  • IFSF Protocol.
  • Fuel-Connect® automation interface.
  • Other Automation compatible.
Security Features
  • Protected Time Stamped event log for Errors, Alerts and parameter changes.
  • Up to 64GB Encrypted Industrial grade Memory card with family integrity for all life-long transactions & logs.
  • Dynamic Passwords for Multilevel users.
Mechanical Features
Flow Meters
  • Czar indigenously designed 2-Piston high performance, maintenance free Positive Differential Flow meter with <2ml per Pulse - first ever in the world along with Encrypted communication with calculator.
Automatic Fuel Nozzle
  • Indigenously design Automatic Fuel Nozzle with double poppet for reliable operation and longer life.
Inlet Filters & Safety Fittings
  • CZAR make high pressure coalescing filters. High surface area stainless steel filter for longer life, reusable and easy to clean.
  • Back Check valve for accurate meter operations.
Operating Temperature Range: : -25°C to 55°C
Design Pressure: : 3.5 bar
Delivery Speed: : SD: 2 – 40 LPM
HD: 2 – 80 LPM
UHD: 5 – 130 LPM
Minimal measured quantity: : SD: 2 L
HD: 2 L
UHD: 5 L
Accuracy range: : Better than ± 0.2 % with MMQ (Class 0.5)
Certified: : ATEX, OIML, PESO, LM-India

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